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Straight Choral Risers

Two, three or four Tier – Staging 101 Choral Risers are constructed of high quality plywood with a 16-gauge steel frame and 16-gauge steel tubing legs and they feature a 10 year warranty.

Staging 101 4'x8' Stage Panel with Wheels

Wedged Choral Risers

Discover the perfect harmony of versatility and elegance with Staging 101 Wedged Choral Risers. Ideal for choral groups, choirs, presentations, and more.

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Mobile, Folding Choral Risers

Multiple units combine together easily to form various configurations. Roll in and Roll Out! Easy one person set-up and compact storage.

Staging 101 4 x8  Mobile Folding Stage  Adjustable Height

Most frequent questions and answers

A portable stage is a stage that can be quickly built and taken down in any environment. They are not limited to functionality in certain types of weather or on certain terrain – you will always be able to find a portable staging brand to accommodate the type of installation you require. This way, you do not have to worry about damage if it rains during your event; after all, the show must go on!

If you hold events or get hired to provide event entertainment, you know that a stage makes a huge difference in the feel of your festivities. From elementary schools to universities, spring recitals to graduations, having a stage ensures everyone has a good view of performances and diploma hand-offs. For smaller churches that rent or share worship space, the IntelliStage systems are quick and easy to set up and take down, and when it comes time to find another space, the stage goes with you. 

Larger houses of worship with established sanctuaries can create separate areas for the choir and praise and worship band, add staging to your outreach PA systems, or even hold services outdoors on a lovely spring day. Bands and mobile DJs depend on stages to give their events a sense of professionalism and keep rowdy attendees away from the precious gear. Music and performance art academies, fitness class instructors, improv comedy troupes, community organizations – if your activity involves an audience, you need an IntelliStage.

Having a stage that is portable increases your ability to hold events in any type of terrain. It also frees you from having to negotiate prices with the people who normally control event planning – club owners. There is no barrier to entry when it comes to this industry, so club owners are like a box of chocolates, as Forrest Gump would say. You never quite know what type of person that you are going to get.

Portable staging for sale is also usually much less expensive for an event planner than the premium that club owners will charge you for holding your event in their building. Imagine not having to pay the premium involved with the event planning industry and being able to throw your event at your convenience – these are just a few of the advantages of investing in a stage that is portable.

Staging 101 platforms are available in 4’x8′ in Canada.

Staging 101 platforms can bear weight up to 240 lbs/sq. ft. (1170kg/sq. meter). The total weight load a platform can support ultimately depends on the platforms overall size.

There are two different height models to choose from: Panels are either height adjustable to 16” and 24” (40, 60cm) or 24” and 32” high (60, 80cm) depending on model.

Yes, there are two different height models to choose from: Panels are either height adjustable to 16” and 24” (40, 60cm) or 24” and 32” high (60, 80cm) depending on model.

We recommend the use of steps on stages taller than 24″ or 16″H-32″H. 

We recommend that Staging 101 systems be set up on level flat ground. We do not recommend setting up Staging 1010 systems on grass, dirt or ground with varying surface levels. 

Connect individual panels to create your stage layout by fixing the adjacent panels with
Panel Joining Mechanisms. This will require two people to lift and put the panels in place plus additional hardware.

Need a custom Choral Risers project?

Need help creating the perfect stage system to fit your needs? Whether you need a stage for your next church event, business event, fashion show or concert. We can help you design the perfect system that will fit your needs on time and budget.