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QuickLock Staging 3’x3′ Square Stage Platform Weatherproof (Aluminum Finish)

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Easy one person set-up!

So easy and quick to assemble your platform! No extra parts, no extra tools. The whole process takes less than 60 seconds.

Easy & reliable

Quickly connect other platforms and create your own stage. Available in industrial, carpet or waterproof aluminium finish.


This allows you to set up the stage at a different height each time you use it. There is a huge variety of stage height options available.

QuickLock Staging 3’x3′ Square Stage Platform Weatherproof (Aluminum Finish)

The QuickLock Staging 3’x3′ Square Stage Platform is a durable, modular platform with a weatherproof Aluminum finish. It can be used with QuickLock height-adjustable, telescoping legs (sold separately) from 16″-24″ or 24″-32″ high or fixed-height legs with casters, 8″ or 16″ high. The QuickLock mechanism allows for fast, easy setup – simply insert the leg and close the lock switch to secure leg to platform. It can even be set-up on uneven ground. Platforms support up to 153 lbs/square foot (or on casters – 62 lbs/square foot).

“Enhance Your Events with QuickLock 3’x3′ Square Stage Platforms Weatherproof. Easy Setup, Durable Design. Elevate Your Staging Experience Today!”


  • Strong but lightweight platform
  • Legs sold separately
  • Easy setup and tear-down
  • Sets up on uneven ground
  • Can be set up by one person with no tools
  • Available in 3’x3′ or 4’x4′ platform sizes
  • Modular system that can be combined for custom stages and configurations
  • Available in weatherproof Aluminum
  • Stairs, guardrails and transportation trolleys are available

Package Contents

  • 1 – QuickLock 3’x3′ Square Stage Platform
  • 3 – QuickLock Self-Leveling Panel Inserts
Platform Size

3' x 3'




Regular Terrain (Flat surface), Uneven Terrain




Sold separately


Sold separately


QuickLock Staging


2 Year


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