Intellistage 192 sq ft Deluxe Stage System (Guard Rails, Steps and Skirts)

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Fast and easy assembly

Smart, modular design allows you to use the same stage for all your needs and change the size, height and shape as you need. Assembly and disassembly by one person!

Compact and easy to carry

Light weight, compact design is easy to transport. So compact it can even fit in the trunk of a car for transportation; saving time and money

Super Strong

Multiple layer platform construction featuring honeycomb structure with a weight capacity of up to 157 lbs./sq. Ft (757 KGS/sq. Meter)

Intellistage 192 sq ft Deluxe Stage System (Guard Rails, Steps and Skirts)

Our Intellistage 192 sq ft Deluxe Stage System come standard with Guardrails, steps and stage skirts (in front). Each deluxe stage kit includes platforms, risers, and all the necessary hardware for putting your stage together. Intellistage stages are light weight so that it can be easily assembled by just one person! Our stages ae also super strong and can support (185lbs per sq. foot).

“Elevate your events with the Intellistage 192 sq ft Deluxe Stage System. Versatile, reliable, and easy to set up for unforgettable performances. Explore now!”

They are also very compact so you can store you whole stage in a small 4′ x 4′ foot print. Optional accessories such as, Stage Back-Drops, Stage Ramps, and Transportation cases and Trolleys are also available.


  • Strong but lightweight stage
  • Modular system that can be combined for custom stages and configurations
  • Easy set-up and tear-down
  • Internal locking system secures platforms and makes it safe for use
  • Aluminum profile on all sides
  • Multiple layer sandwich construction (9 mm high-density plywood/7.5 mm honeycomb grid/4 mm high-density plywood)
  • Kit includes guard rails for safety and security.
  • Skirts made from inherently flame-resistant (IFR), machine washable fabric

Package Contents

The IntelliStage 12’x 16′ Stage System Includes:

  • 12 – IntelliStage 4’x4′ Square Platforms, Carpet
  • 12 – IntelliStage 4’x4′ Square Risers (choose height)
  • 9 – IntelliStage 4′ Guard Rails w/Chair Stop
  • 1 – IntelliStage 4’W Step(s) Kit w/Guard Rails (16″, 24″ & 32″ high stages only)
  • 2 – IntelliStage 8′ Wide Black Stage Skirts
  • 2 – IntelliStage Corner Guard Rail Mounting Brackets

Who needs IntelliStage?

If you hold events or get hired to provide event entertainment, you know that a stage makes a huge difference in the feel of your festivities. From elementary schools to universities, spring recitals to graduations, having a stage ensures everyone has a good view of performances and diploma hand-offs. For smaller churches that rent or share worship space, the IntelliStage systems are quick and easy to set up and take down, and when it comes time to find another space, the stage goes with you.

Larger houses of worship with established sanctuaries can create separate areas for the choir and praise and worship band, add staging to your outreach PA systems, or even hold services outdoors on a lovely spring day. Bands and mobile DJs depend on stages to give their events a sense of professionalism and keep rowdy attendees away from the precious gear. Music and performance art academies, fitness class instructors, improv comedy troupes, community organizations – if your activity involves an audience, you need an IntelliStage.

Platform Size

4' x 4'







Weight Capacity

Up to 153 lbs. per sq. foot (750 kg/sq. meter.)


2 Year


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